GCB0015 – Shooter Wardell!

Me, Ann Walker (Lavonda), and Terminially Single Tim

Hello yall!

“….It’s a bitch, sortin out our sordid lives…It’s a bitch, when you come to realize….Grab yourself a box of cracker jacks…you can get a really shitty prize….”

I did another podcast!  YAY!  I am getting horrible about getting these things up in time.  I get to talk about the past two weekends that we’ve ventured into Atlanta for some gay life.  This past weekend, we attended a show of Del Shores.  He really is a funny man!  I loved meeting him and the cast of Sordid Lives.  It’s a great movie if you have never seen it.  Netflix has it.  I don’t know if it is easily found in Blockbuster, if anyone goes there anymore.  Netflix is so much easier!  I hope you like the show and send some love!


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  1. This picture is amazing 🙂 A bit like Haggrid meets Harry and Hermione 🙂
    Tim – you know I love love love you – you are the greatest 🙂 Just like Wes of course 🙂

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