GCB0013 – Pecans, aunts, and recipes

After being down for a few days, the Mac is back to full service.  I don’t know what went wrong with this thing, but it slowed down to a snail pace.  The other half walked me through what I needed to do from his rent’s house in the Alabamas.  Chrima time celebrations in the B-HAM is not something I attend.  I will wait for my family time in the G-HILL later in February.  It will be a good time since the little bro turns 21!

Episode 13 of The Gay Life of A Country Boy is full of stuff this week.  I talk about the accident my Grandmother had the other night when she broke her hip.  She is now in Mobile, AL at Providence Hospital (very good medical staff there), waiting to get her hip surgery Sunday morning.  Hopefully I will get some news soon after about her status.  Then I get on things about school and on this cooking thing.  I don’t know WTF all that came from, but I got on it and ran.  Yall can learn how to make some things.  I’ll get on here later today (Sunday) and put up some recipes for the things I talk about.

Have a great Sunday and I hope to have a Christmas show up later in the week. Much love to you all! Merry Christmas!

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  1. Awww, say get well soon to your Granny!!! The poor thing – I hope she will be fine soon.
    Have a great chrima and have fun meeting BigFatty 🙂 I wonder for how long you can hold your breath 🙂 ooooHH 🙂

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