GCB0012 – The Gym Towel Conspiracy

This is another record-while-doing podcast.  Last night was obviously cooking night in the Mo house.  Travis worked a good long time on something called Croquembouche.  I had never heard of it in my life, but he gets Food Network Magazine and the recipe is in there.  It looked great while he was making the puff balls and the pudding to insert into them.  All was great till he got to the end and had to create some kind of lava-hot sugar mixture.  Yeah, it wasn’t an amber color….it was dark molasses.  In the end, the creation wasn’t good to eat and whatever we couldn’t dig out of the sugar mess got thrown into the trash.  Better luck next time baby!

Other than the cooking, I talk about going to the gym and about the last post to the blog…my promise to get into better shape.  January is going to be a bitch since that is when everyone decides they want to look better and get gym memberships.  Around February or March, those people will be dropping like flies.  Many can never devote themselves to the task.  I have before and I can do it again.  I also talk about a nasty dream I had that deals with popping blackheads and the creatures that come out of them.  I believe me and the roommate Garry had weird dreams after seeing the last episode of Fringe.  Gross!

Until later…hope you get to listen while relaxing with an ice cold beer!

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