Gay Country Wes appears on Undies 101

On Friday, September 30, I took part in a Show and Tell event held on Undies 101.  The owner of the site, along with one of the writers, and I used to write for another underwear site together.  Undies 101 has been around for a pretty long time..since April 2007.

The site owner, if I am not badly mistaken, lives in New York and loves underwear.  Not just briefs, but all underwear.  He posts a picture in his underwear very often.  To be honest, I ended up with one of those pairs about 2 years ago!  LMAO!  They feel great!  They are Underdaks.  You know, those underwear worn by hot Australian men in those very well thought out commercials.  My favorite one has a guy in the airport, trying to get past those bothersome TSA agents.  These two just happen to be horned up women and trying to get him naked.  He must be like me and Adam from Dubious Intent Plus podcast as we love to get naked.  It’s just in our jeans!  LOL!

I am hoping that there is another Show and Tell sometime soon.  He had about 10-15 people send in pictures along with a few words the guys had to say.  There were some really nice underwear shots.  Many of them can be found on Twitter.  If you find one underwear lover, the chances of you finding a hundred more through that person is very good.  If you have a Twitter account, you can follow both George and I.  Look at the top left corner of the website and there are links to take you to our streams.

Go have a look around Undies 101 and you’ll get to see many different kinds of underwear and you may even see some you would like to buy for yourself.  He’s really good about answering questions about underwear (we love talking about it) and he tells you the name of the briefs as he wears them so that his readers can easily find them.

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  1. Hey Wes! I just saw this post and we are totally doing another Show and Tell soon…we’re going to tie it into another theme week and try and really capitalize on the whole production!!! We hope to see you there again for show and tell, and any time you’d like to appear!

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