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Hello all peoples!

My partner and I took a trip lately to Chicago. We called it our second anniversary trip! The first trip was to Disney World back in February when our official anniversary took place. They were both fantastic trips and ones that I will never be able to forget. We went along with our friend Nick to Florida, but this time, I….yes I, the boy that hasn’t gone to many places in my life, got on a plane in Atlanta and flew alone to Chicago. to meet Travis who was already there. I found my way from Midway (on the orange line) to Grand (on the red line). Then, I walked a couple of blocks to the hotel to meet Travis outside the Wyndham Hotel on St. Clair Street. It was a cool little walk…going underneath Nordstrom and then getting across the streets. I was relieved when I saw Travis, but I wasn’t the slightest bit nervous. Actually, I put my case in the room and, after grabbing something quick to eat,

$320 Prada Sneakers...will never be mine!

$320 Prada Sneakers...will never be mine!

I went out into Chicago and walked around. It was so awesome! I loved being able to walk around and check out stores on The Magnificent Mile. I even found a pair of $320 Prada sneakers at Needless Mark-up, more professionally known as Neiman Marcus. It was worth a look, I guess. The men’s department majorly sucked. The underwear collection was  very sad. I guess men that shop in Neiman Marcus don’t pay attention to what they wear underneath the $400 jeans they buy there.

One thing I got from walking around while Travis was finishing up his conference is I got a taste of what it will feel like when walking around with a huge pack on my back. I took my backpack with me, containing my laptop, so that I could stop at a Starbucks and post to the blog. It didn’t happen, but I worked off what I had for lunch. I did find a Starbucks, about 1/4 the size of the ones we have in Atlanta. It was a very small hole in the wall. I was asked, when ordering my green tea frappuccino, if I wanted the syrup. What the hell? I didn’t know there was another way to make it. So I just answered with, “Make it the normal way?” Obviously, some people in Chicago don’t like the syrup in there because it tends to make it harder to drink….? I didn’t understand that, so I got it and proceeded out the door. I drank it like I do in Atlanta, by sucking….on a straw. I found a Marshalls with a HUGE escalator. Not that I found anything worth buying inside, but the entrance was pretty nice. I kept feeling that some people were looking at me strange since I had this really big bag on my back. “Yes, I just stole a bunch of granny panties from your racks! Thanks!” I scurried out and returned to the rushing on the street. I caught the eye of this businessman as he walked by. I did one of those….step-step-step-turn…moves and caught him looking back at me. I smiled and carried on. Yay for me! I still have it! I walked on to the hotel room and rested my feet till Travis came into the room. We had much to do and there was no time like the present to begin.

The Lighthouse off Navy Pier - Chicago

The Lighthouse off Navy Pier - Chicago

Our first outing together took us to Navy Pier. This is such an awesome idea. It’s right up there with our experience at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Lots of seagulls and music and boats. No sea lions , however, to drown out all the noise. We walked down to the end of the pier and saw this beautiful lighthouse. It is the first real lighthouse I have seen. It now holds a special place in my heart! It’s the Guiding Light of my life. LMAO! Some will get that.

There are so many things to do there. We ate at Bubba Gump, having fish and chips and a tasty mixed drink. We rode the world’s slowest farris wheel, giving us a view of the city while at the top. That ride also allowed us to rest our feet. There was a lot of feet-resting during our trip. There was never a reason to drive. We either took the L, a bus, or a taxi to get everywhere we visited. Atlanta could learn a lot from Chicago transportation. Primarily, how to spend money wisely and how to set up their bus routes. The bus routes…..hello Gwinnett County! Send the buses where the people are! Got it?!

While at Navy Pier, we went on an architectural river tour. You get on this boat and it travels up the Chicago River, providing you fantastic views of the buildings lining the river. This really nice lady spoke the entire trip…bless her heart…and told us interesting details about the architects, types of construction styles, and about the Chicago fire. No, it wasn’t Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, kicking over a lantern, that started the fire. They’ve not made a decision on what started the fire. Who knew?!

After the boat ride, we got back to the hotel, stripped to our normal lounge wear…aka NAKED…and nestled into a very comfortable bed so that we could be awake and ready to get out of the first hotel and move over to the second hotel. Travis was in the hotel till Friday for the conference and then we had our room from Friday till Sunday. The move and the rest of the weekend will be shared later.

(to be continued)


  1. Thanks for pointing out the magnificence of the mile! And I made the comment about the trains more clear! Hope to hear from you real soon.

  2. Oh, and PS…Michigan Ave is known as the Magnificent Mile, not the Miracle Mile…LOL And you took the Orange Line from MDW. Orange Line services Midway and Blue Line services O’Hare. :o) I’m glad that you got to visit the greatest city in the country though!!

  3. I used to live in the building at Navy Pier (Lake Point Tower). The big clover shape glass one. I miss Chicago greatly!!

    Great reading your blog sexy! OH, and I like your post on GWiP. :o) They took my comment way that I made though!! 🙁

  4. It sounds like you guys had a great time. I’ve never been there but it seems like a nice place to visit. I agree Atlanta and it’s suburbs need to be more pedestrian friendly.

    Nice job! I can’t wait to read more about your trip.


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