Fun Trip to Chicago continues

Thursday: We woke up and had to get out of the nice Wyndham Hotel. It was good while it lasted! But, we were so shocked when we arrived at the Sutton Place Hotel on East Bellevue. The room was very roomy and the bed was fluffy. I had to jump onto it when we got into the room. You know, childlike actions when seeing something new! LOL. We put our luggage into the room and headed out for site seeing. First place: Skydeck! We find out that it’s no longer the Sears Tower, but the Willis Tower. Yeah, I agree. It’s always going to be the Sears Tower till it falls into the dry dirt of Future Earth! It was so awesome getting to the front of the line and skipping hundreds of people. They should have bought City Passes! TRUST ME! If you go to Chicago or San Francisco, purchase the city passes. You pay the price for the books, less than $100 a piece. You go to various places in the city that are featured in the book and you get to do them without having to stand in lines. We skipped the queue and walked directly to the elevator.

The elevator ride in itself was something to write home about. A screen advises you how high off the ground you are compared to other large buildings in the world. At story 103, we hear, “DING!” and the doors open up to a large lounge type room that wraps around the building floor. Fantastic! We saw terrific views of the city and its amazing architecture. The amazing thing to me is how you can look down and see the tops of large

View of Chicago from Skydeck

View of Chicago from Skydeck

buildings surrounding the base of Sears Tower. Just minutes before, I was looking up at these buildings. It’s just me. I think of things that way. We continued around the building, pointing out things to each other that we just really want the other to see. It was so very cool. We went by a counter that was selling overpriced memorabilia. It’s touristy. We found this amazingly cool Lego set of the Sears Tower. How awesome is that? We put it together as soon as we got home! Did you think it was going to stay in the box as a collector’s piece? No way, babe! LOL. We walked around more and found our way to the new installation, officially known as the Skydeck. These creative glass boxes stick 4 feet out from the building. ALL GLASS! You can walk into the boxes and look straight down to the ground. Over 1,000 feet above ground, watching birds flying underneath you. I was completely psyched. Travis and I took turns going into the box and taking pictures up, down, and all around. You can find the video clip I made of our experience on YouTube. If you have a fear of heights, it would not be something I recommend. But, if you ever want to do something to help that fear, scare the shit out of yourself and walk out onto the platform. It should be an instant cure! My cousin is one of those people and got a little flustered on the second floor of Phipps Plaza in Atlanta. Of course, he would get freaked out.  But I digress. It was a great experience that I will remember for a lifetime. But there are other great things to talk

Me out on the Skydeck

Me out on the Skydeck

about like our trip to Shedd Aquarium.

I didn’t get that many pictures of the aquarium. It was a nice one, but it wasn’t like Chattanooga. Theirs even overwhelms Atlanta Aquarium. Don’t get me wrong, Atlanta’s has the most water in it. I just think there wasn’t much thought placed into decoration and setup. When you are in the one in Chattanooga, you are in a large darkened room, on different ramps and walkways, looking at the large tank of fish. They didn’t make some overwhelming “TA DAA” kind of thing where you enter this room with bleachers and there’s a whale shark swimming around. It’s calm and collected. I like that.

After we left the aquarium, we headed down the street and entered Adler Planetarium. That I would have to say was really informational. They had a ton of rockets and space travel equipment that blew my mind. But, that’s not a hard thing to do. We saw two presentations that were nothing less than amazing. The first was the constellations and how these can be found. I had no idea the artistry the Romans/Greeks went through to get these names. The lights were turned off and the stars came out. Oooooo! Then the presenter sat the stars to where they would be in the night sky of Chicago…minus all the lights from the city. He said the constellations came from art and then turned the ceiling into all the drawings organized in the layout of the stars. At one point, the presenter made the stars rotate in the opposite way and said, “If you ever see this happen, go seek shelter. This is NOT good!” I just had to giggle. No shit, Sherlock! I also found that the sun will never and can never be in your house, meaning your horoscope, in the month of your birthday. Who knew?! Probably my friend Michael, who knows all about space and weather stuff. I will get more info from him. The next show we saw was about asteroids and comets. The way the ceiling/screen was shaped was something to behold. You could literally sit in the chair and look out and see nothing but elliptical screen. The movie was informative and in a way a bit scary. There is crap all over the universe that could head our way at any moment. Yeah, your welcome for that feeling of complete helplessness! And this isn’t Armageddon, so forget the nuclear bomb. I can’t find the pics of the planetarium.

After a day of tourist activities, we went to have Chicago style pizza. OMG, this was fantastic! If you haven’t had Chicago pizza, you have to try it. So not something you just buy in the store. You have to get the experience in the restaurant. After eating, I believe we went back to the hotel room and stayed there the rest of the evening.

(to be continued)

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