Friends are Friends forever

Today has turned out to be a really wonderful day.  It’s always great when we get out of the house and spend time with with people in our lives.  We decided the other earlier in the week to take a trip into Atlanta and visit our friend Don.  We haven’t seen Don in quite a few years and we wanted to pay him a visit to catch up.

On the way, we stopped to eat at a new place to us called The Brick Store Pub in Decatur, GA.  It was rather different from what we are used to…that being Italian McDonalds (Olive Garden), Outback, Applebees, or the other few restaurants in the general area of the Mall of Georgia.  This new place was in a small row of shops in an older building.  The wall of the restaurant was made of red bricks and since Atlanta is really cold right now, those bricks were freezing.  The door to the place was made of wood with an odd large wood door handle.  The bottom of the door allowed light to come underneath it and freezing air.  The atmosphere of the pub was cool.  There was a large bar in the back with a great muscle bear bartending.  There was an upstairs area over the bar where, I guess, you could go if you wanted to get away from everyone and be closer to the heat vents.  The food tasted great.  Travis had the chicken fingers (original) and I had the Pirogi Primavera. You can check out the place at

We then visited Don and caught up on things.  We talked about people we went to UWA with and how we were getting reunited on Facebook.  Don was a photographer years ago before his eye sight began to go bad.  He has a ton of equipment and wants to get back into taking pictures.  The only problem is that his eye sight requires him to have a magnifying glass to see the digital screen on the camera.  We think we can get him a tool for it.  We will have to see what we can do.

After leaving Don’s house, we met our longtime friend George at Roxx in Atlanta on Cheshire Bridge Road.  Look them up online for directions because they do not have a website.  We had never been to that restaurant either.  It somewhat reminds me of another place in Atlanta called Joe’s on Juniper.  They have a good variety of wines and beers and the entrees are good too.  I settled for a large salad since it had not been that long since eating.  We talked to George for a while over good food.  We had not seen him in person in a few years but had somehow kept up online.  While at the table, a friend we had made while playing Texas Hold’em at a local bar walked by and we got a great hug and Hello!  We finished eating and talking to George for a while longer.  As much as we didn’t want to, we put on our jackets and hats and went outside into the freezing night air.  We hugged George good-bye and hopped in the car, starting on our journey back to our home north of the city.

It’s great to get out sometimes and go visit those that mean a lot in your life.  Even though you may not see them often, true friends hold a part in everyone’s life and an important one at that.  I plan on making these more important than they already were, even if it means letting some other things go to do it.

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