Finding A Love For Pink

Recently, I have found that I love the color pink. Yes, I said it. I love the color pink.

Growing up, I loved the florescent colors of blue, green, and pink…otherwise known as hot pink. Fuchsia was alwas a wonderful color to me. I have a dress shirt that is fuchsia and I have socks to match. I wore it a few weeks ago and I fell in love with it. I felt, for the lack of a better term, cute. I was totally matching. Later in the week, I wore an Aero shirt that is pink and white horizontal stripes. I even have a few pairs of pink underwear.

While at Target the other day, I was looking around and found myself in the men’s clothing department. I definitely went there to look at the socks and underwear. I was rewarded by a pair of grey and hot pink trunks. I don’t normally wear trunks, but for $5.99, I didn’t say no. I walked around a little more and this great pink and white plaid shirt said…”Hey, you know you want to take me home. C’mon and get me!”….the way that shirts talk to people. You’ve been there before. You know what I mean.

Anyway, it was bought and I brought it into a loving home. I wore it and WOW, it actually looks good on me and works with my pasty white….”I haven’t seen the sun in months!”….skin.


  1. Looking good! I always heard that pink makes you look like you have a nice tan so at least you have a start for the summer. To this day, my parents still have a pink bedroom . In college I painted various things in my room pink but have since decided that it’s a color better left on clothing and definitely not the floor lamp that I have to look at every day. Still, I like it too!

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