Excel Seminar in Gainesville, GA

For the past two days, I have been attending an Excel seminar in Gainesville, GA, hosted by Fred Pryor Seminars. Yesterday was the Basics class while today is the Beyond the Basics class.

Yesterday was, basically, a review of information that I already knew with a bit of added information. It covered the extreme basics. Even if you walked into the room and you had never seen Excel, you would at least know how to create a worksheet, and of course, a workbook, and be able to do the simplest of formatting (bolding, italics, column width, row height, cell fill colors, etc). There is always some little thing that you either never knew or had forgotten to make your life easier. For example, did you know that inside Excel, you can hit F4 to repeat the last thing you did, F12 to Save As, and within the edit mode, you can hit F4 to switch a cell reference between regular, static column, and static row? It works!

Today is tad bit more in depth. If someone were to come in with no Excel knowledge, they would most likely be lost for the majority of the seminar. Today was what I was looking forward to because in the future, I would love to get my Microsoft certification in Excel. I will talk more about today’s class in the next post.

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