Dragon*Con Was A Blast!


I know this is pretty late, but I have now found time to write. So here goes…

Labor day weekend in Atlanta for the past 25 years has been home to one of the countries largest pop culture events known as Dragon*Con.  People from all over flock to our city of the South to revel in the gloriousness which is Sci-Fi and alternate reality and gaming.  Who knew there were so many areas to cover in this pop culture we live in today?  I certainly didn’t until I started going to the celebration.

I haven’t ever been that interested in comic books or their characters.  If there was one superhero I have ever been considerably interested in, it would be Green Lantern.  Call me complicated, but I like the idea that there is not THE Green Lantern.  It is most important to remember that Hal Jordan was simply a part of a greater collection of power that was not only made of humans, but a vast array of beings from across the universe.  I liked that aspect.  Superman was all about himself in my eyes.  Batman had Robin to help him out.  When the Superfriends were together, they worked as a team, including Green Lantern at one point in time.  I know a bit about the heroes just because if you are an American of any age, you have been subjected to the world of comics.

Saturday was our choice day to attend the festivities.  It’s a bit more to buy the passes for Saturday than for Sunday, but we figured we would go on that day since we would be down there for the parade…pictured above.  The Box Heroes were pretty awesome and I think pretty creative.  There were so many things in the parade I liked and that I thought were wonderful creations.  The more I see things dealing with Steampunk, the more I get interested in it.  I think it’s cool!  Who wouldn’t think it cool to look through the eyes of a person in the Victorian era…but in a futuristic way.  Bionic arms or legs, lasers from the eyes, and wires coming from who knows where.  Makes me want to design something now!

When I said our day of choice, I mean the “guys”…the other half, George, Romo, and me.  We were all there, on the street corner, waiting for the parade to begin.  During the parade, we had to deal with kids getting in the way, stepping on our feet, pushing their way through the crowd, and being totally annoying.  It’s about as annoying as children at the Atlanta Pride parade…except during this parade, parents didn’t have to worry about their kids getting free condoms and lube thrown at them.  Just candy every now and then.  After standing through the parade, we needed a break.  We headed to where we could get some peace and quiet…and play with our cameras!


One of the best things to happen that weekend was the chance to meet a really cool vidcaster and blogger.  You might have seen him on YouTube as GayComicGeek or you might have seen his blog also called The Gay Comic Geek.  He is such a nice guy, not mentioning how gorgeous he is.  HOT!  He definitely loves his comics!  I don’t blame him.  If I had something I was into that much, I would surround myself with it.  check out his site and see his collections and new purchases.  When he buys something new, he shares it with the rest of us.  I really like the drawings people have made of him.  Very nice! LOL

Well, I’ve been working on this post since Labor Day weekend, and now on October 22, I have finished it.  Wow, that’s some dedication there!  LOL!  If you get a chance to get to Atlanta for next year’s Dragon*Con, go to it.  If you love comics or Sci-fi, you will love the crowd and the things you can do.

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