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It’s a beautful day in the North Atlanta area today. I’m sitting at a local sandwich restaurant, eating lunch and trying to come up with something to blog about. Writing isn’t always so easy for me as I tend to need motivation and something pressing in my head. That’s not the case today. There are a few things running around in my head so I will let them out through my fingers.

Gay Marriage

Recently, the country was give a decision from te US Supreme Court, stating that no state could blog two people of the same sex from having a legal marriage. That is a monumental declaration of…well, independence! We are finally free to have a meaningful, legal marriage with all the benefits that go along with that right. If either me or my partner become sick and have to go into the hospital, neither the hospital or the state can block my partner from being there with me nor can the family of my partner come in and try to take over proceedings if that sickness becomes something more serious. We’ve been wanting this for so long and now the day is here. The sky has not darkened. Firey rocks have not fallen from the heavens. The waters have not turned bloody red. Roy Moore’s head has figuratively exploded….sadly it was only figuratively. But, wishing no ill on someone, I hope he eventually realizes where he’s being a total douche and that he’s simply going to have to resort to the way of the dinosaurs. So let it be written….so let it be done.

The Confederate (Rebel) Flag

Oh, dear God, people. It’s a freaking piece of material. It means NOTHING anymore except to remind people of things we shouldn’t have done and others of things that shouldn’t have been done to them. Granted, during my teenage years when my brain was more in my ass than in my head, I had the flag hanging on my bedroom wall in more styles than you can imagine. I had the full sized version, the bandanas of various designs, and yes, I had the flag crafted into the stone on my class ring.

Sure, half of my brain saw it as a symbol of a region that decided enough was enough and decided to succeed a nation. Whatever the reasons, they decided that the leadership of the new country had gone to crap and they wanted to have their own government and laws. That, people, is what makes countries what they are. Isn’t that basically what we did from England except that we had no ocean to cross? Isn’t that how we have Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina?

Yet, I realized another meaning of this flag whether others wanted to admit it. It’s not, in every crowd, called the Confederate flag. It is referred to as the Rebel flag. Webster defines rebel as “a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or ruler.” The Urban Dictionary has an even better definition as it says a rebel is “a person who stands up for their own personal opinions despite what anyone else says.” Don’t you know a rebel? Could it possibly be yourself?

As a teenager, one rebels against so much in life including parents, siblings, social construction, religion, and life in general. Everything is unfair. “Screw this crap! I’m doing what I want!” That’s what many fly this flag to represent. They aren’t flying it to show some kind of racial hatred or inner belief that we should still be in pre-Civil War times. They are making a statement that they…mentally seen…aren’t bound by any rules and they live life to their own drummer, ready to take responsibility for whatever they do. If only that last part were true all the time.

What is my stance on the flag? Well, technically, it is not the true Confederate flag. It was designed much differently. Is the flag displayed on anything I have on my body or walls in our house? That would be a no. I will not degrade my body with tattoo’s of a flag designed by a group of people that could yell louder than others during the war. I have contacted the company which made my class ring and they said I could send the ring to them at any time to have the stone replaced…and I have seriously thought about it eventhough I do not wear it. It still as my name engraved on the side with a club I worked hard to be a part of and is a much higher standing symbol than that flag could ever be.

Do I have multiple books in my collection about the Civil War and do I love watching and reading things regarding the topic. Yes, I do. It’s a part of our history and you can see it in many ways across the southeastern US. It’s in our land and it’s in our lives. Yes, we lost, but even some of the worst defeats in history can never be forgotten.

I was born and raised in the South and for my entire life, I will always be a true Southerner. I say that for I believe in many southern things like I believe women should be held at high esteem because without at least one of them, neither of us would be here. Women are our true care givers and take care of many each and every day….some are an exception as they couldn’t care about anyone other than themselves. I believe that a true southern gentleman is courteous, well spoken, educated on events and cultures, and deeply cares about human beings. I said a TRUE southern gentleman! Not all southern men are southern gentlemen and those couldn’t tell one with their eyes wide open and one standing in front of them.

So in conclusion to that topic….I do not believe that the Rebel flag should be flown at ANY governmental buildings because when it does, it is not representative of everyone that government presides over. Never will it. It belongs where all other historical items belong…in a museum. Sure, hang it in a house if that person feels so inclined. That’s their own property. A state house, however, is the property of the state and that is the property of all citizens in that state who pay taxes and vote. Never should something be forced on a citizen of this country…material wise…that has such a dark meaning. Some will try to place the first topic I talked about into that statement and it doesn’t have a thing to do with it. Marriage is only a religious institution when the two people make it as such. In reality, marriage is a document signed by a representative of the county/state/country government saying that two people have now become one union. That is legal and should not be confused with anything else. The flag is a symbol…varied in meanings that should never be forced onto another being.

That’s enough on that topic and that’s where I stand. That’s my opinion and mine alone. If yours differs, then that is with you.

And look-a-there…my lunch time is over. It’s back to the office to finish my day. Love to all and love everyone.

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