Chicago Trip continues..

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday: Friday started out at The Original Pancake House at 22 East Bellevue. Nothing less than incredible! If you are ever in that area, you have to try this place out. Waffle House doesn’t have anything on this place. I have never been to another restaurant that had as many determined customers. These people were standing in a line out the door and through the outside eating area to the street. The omelet could not have been more heavenly. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the place to show how popular it is, but you can understand. I got there a little late as I needed to shave. Travis wanted to run down and get in line. That was fine since it was right across the street from the hotel. I had to look my best, even for the city folk! LOL.

Because it has been a while since going to Chicago, I have gotten days mixed up. So for the rest of the trip, here it is:

1) We went to the Museum of Science and Industry. If you have never been, you should go. Airplanes, trains, and yes, automobiles are on display for the interested. There are different exhibits about the solar system, antimatter, coal, and just about anything that can be called industrial. You can have a blast for hours.

A German U-boat captured by the USS Chicago

A German U-boat captured by the USS Chicago

2) We ate at a great restaurant called Hugo’s Frog Bar. It was very appetizing. Pricy, but great food. Things were definitely big enough for the price. The atmosphere was pretty cool…not too pretentious. I would go back there.

3) We visited Millennium Park. We wanted to go to Grant Park but Lalapaloosa was in town and people filled the park. The “stadium” at the park is one of the most fantastic ideas I have ever seen.  The metal bars expand out over the green grass. The speakers are attached to these bars and angle down. The stage is of a considerable size for an outside audience. It’s not Chastain, but it will work just as wonderfully. I like Chastain in Atlanta because of the concrete levels with the picnic tables and chairs sat up so that a family can have a wonderful meal while listening to returning artists like Hootie and the Blowfish and KC and the Sunshine Band. I saw Hootie there, thanks to a good friend we hardly get to see, who had tickets. YAY! The Bean is located in Millennium Park and I couldn’t wait to see it. I have seen it in so many pictures that people have taken when visiting

The Bean in Millennium Park

The Bean in Millennium Park

the city. I had to go and get my version of the pictures! Travis and I flashed away! Not privates…just pictures. You can walk all around it and through it. The inside is pretty neat since it is concave and you can see yourself in a couple different locations. Of course, there were a ton of people at the bean, lost in it’s shiny beauty! I know, it’s just a sculpture. In the park, there is a water fountain unlike any other. About 1,000 pictures were taken of people’s faces in the city. These pictures were used to broadcast onto these large cubes, shooting water out from the tops so that it will flow down the sides. Every now and then, the picture’s lips will purse up and the eyes will close. At that moment, this whole opens and water is shot out the lips. I’ve been told that the pressure of the water is compared to a fire hose. The water shoots out a good distance from the block. I did not partake in the water fun, but there were quite a few people of various races having fun together. It reminds me, on a larger scale, of Centennial Park in Atlanta. Or better yet, the redneck water fountain at the Mall of Georgia. You always see people bringing their children to the mall water fountain instead of taking them to a water park.

Well, that is the trip to Chicago. Thank God this part of the blog is over! I know it has been dragged out too long. So it was good, nice places to stay, and we’re back!

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