November 2, 2013–A Book Review…Monster by Frank Peretti

(OK, just so you know from the start…I am a little toasted while writing this. If there are any mistakes, it’s because I just didn’t know they were there!) I recently read Monster by Frank Peretti.  I’ve owned this book for a few years now.  The first book of his I bought was back in …

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November 29. 2011 – Education: A Given Right

Education is a right that belongs to everyone in this world. Male and female alike are entitled to learn as much as they possibly can, regardless how it is guided. Some children are homeschooled, some are sent to private schools, and some are sent to public schools. I may have a biased few on where …

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November 28, 2011 – Watching Dead People Walking Around

I’m a bit behind, but I am watching a fantastic show…The Walking Dead. For whatever reason, I got behind on the show. It comes on at the same time the live show of The Gay Life of a Country Boy is running on Thankfully, we have a DVR. It definitely gets its use. Just …

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November 27, 2011–What The Hell Did You Just Say?

Tonight while in the local chain bookstore, I was standing in the clearance book aisle.  I love to look at all the books they’ve decided people obviously don’t want.  Either that or they realize that people aren’t going to spend US $50.00 to read about the architecture of adobe houses.  I am a book lover …

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November 26, 2011–Miracle in the Woods, Part 4

Carl had moved his glass of water and was spreading the moisture ring with his finger.  He was listening to more description from the man on the phone.  Whatever this thing was, someone was wanting it and would pay whatever necessary to have it.  From what the guy on the phone was saying, there were …

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November 25, 2011–Update on XHTML and CSS Learning

I posted toward the beginning of the NaPodPoMo month that I was going to learn about XHTML and CSS from a book I have.  It has been really easy to read and understand.  The writer takes you step by step through the process of creating your own website.  It was a very interesting thing to …

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November 24, 2011–It’s Been 10 Years of Writing

I was looking through some old CDs in a case last night when I found one containing things I had written years ago.  I used to write so much and missed doing it before I started this blog.  For a short while, I wrote for an attempt at a GLBT youth online magazine called Ten …

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GCB0060 – Rocky Face Thanksgiving Black Friday Idiots

Episode 60 is full of talky things. We just talk and talk and talk! Among the discussion is the face rock in Virginia, idiots shopping on Black Friday, a little sports talk, and then we give thanks for our favorite podcasts as they celebrate their anniversaries. Go check out Big Fatty Online (1000 episodes) and the Foul Monkeys (400 episodes). I think you all will like them.

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November 23, 2011–Stupidity Has To Be Eradicated…Continued

So…where were we.  Ah, crazy woman is being looked for by the police because of her stupidity.  I think the police should be looking for many stupid people.  It would make the world better for the rest of us.  Maybe we could move our modern civilization out of this rut we seem to have fallen …

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