Why do they have to be such a pain to create? I know they have to be complicated so that any idiot can’t get into your accounts. The trouble is trying to come up with something that will make sense to you in the future. Ugh!

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Taxes

Yesterday, I attended the first of a few tax classes in preparation for the coming up tax season.  It’s something we have to do every year and it never comes as any shock…to me that is.  For some reason, it always seems to “sneak” up on a few people.  How this happens will always be …

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What’s This World Coming To?

As a child, and being raised Southern Baptist, I always heard one answer to the same question…”What’s this world coming to?” That answer was, “You know what it’s coming to.” I thought maybe, just maybe, once someone would ask me what I thought was going to happen. Never heard it. I thought maybe….just maybe….someone would …

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The Misconception of the Privileged

Today while getting my estimated tax payments certified mailed at the post office, I stood in line, patiently waiting with other folks, young and old, for our turn to be served. I walked in with an older gentleman, walking slowly and with a smile on his face. I held the door for him and we …

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When You Know You’ve Become Old

  When I was younger…much younger…and I would go into a drug store or dollar store, I would see stands of cassette tapes marked down pretty cheap to try and get them out of inventory. All the tapes in the stand, or later thrown into a bin, were from artists from my parents’ younger years. Fats …

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