When You Left, The World Paused–Part Three

Garry, Yesterday, we said goodbye to the physical form of you.  You would have been proud to see the number of people who came to show their love and respects for you.  There was plenty of laughter and tears, but you would have approved of the balance of both.  People walked in and made your …

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When You Left, The World Paused–Part Two

Along with all the great times we’ve had, there have been a few rocky times.  Like all “true” friends, the gravy of our friendship was tested and made pure.  The inner bitches were exactly that…bitches.  We were two of the most stubborn people  on this earth.  Together, we were like brick walls that wouldn’t budge.  …

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When You Left, The World Paused–Part One

I have been MIA lately…maybe not in physical form but in mental stability.  There’s no correct or logical way to train someone or teach someone how to accept the passing of a loved one.  When someone becomes such an important part of your life, your brain finds it hard to accept a truth if it …

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November 16, 2011–Thank you fo’ bein’a friend!

Many people out there have that friend.  You know, someone you can act, look, and talk crazy with.  For the most part, the rules are off the table.  I have a few friends I can do that with, but one sticks out above er’body else. (Enters the other side of me. If you don’t understand …

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Great dinner and great friends!

On August 20, we had the chance to sit down for a while and have wonderful conversation and a home-cooked meal, prepared by our own George.  We were told to keep that Saturday free of any commitments other than to have our behinds at his place by 6:00 pm.  Who could pass up such a …

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Oh, he does have the power!

Luckily this morning, I stumbled upon this new tasty morsel of video blogging.  It’s our beloved Gay Comic Geek over at YouTube.  He’s such a cutie and I love that he is all into He-Man and the many different comic characters! Gay Comic Geek…you keep making your wonderful vids! Oh please keep making them!

Climb that mountain, you slob! Work it!

Yesterday, Saturday, April 10, our wonderful friend SW visited us along with his cousin and her girlfriend.  If I were a lesbian, I would have been in a perfect situation!  I’ll just say that!  One was a pure country girl and the other was a “Puertoricanian bonita!”  Our friend had recently returned from time served …

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