Boating on Lanier

I was lucky enough to spend most of the day on Lake Lanier this past Sunday, July 19. I called my friend Mike and asked him if he was going to go out on the lake. He said yes, and after getting a shower and doing some proofreading for Underwear News Briefs, I headed up. Since the lake has not risen enough to fill the cove where his home is, he is not able to dock the boat there. We packed up in his truck and drove over to Holiday Marina off Friendship Road in southern Hall County, GA. It’s a nice place with many boats calling it home, ranging from small crafts to large house boats. It’s amazing to see all of them. You walk down wooden walkways and find your slip. Mike’s was docked at the

Boats docked at Holiday Marina

Boats docked at Holiday Marina

end and awaiting patiently for us to board. We loaded it up with our coolers and my fishing tackle. Yes, I was ready to fish while the others were ready to go boating and get sun. I take my chances when I get them! We unhooked the ropes and were on our way out to God only knows where on this very large body of water….the ever beautiful, but sometimes really low, Lake Lanier.

Once out on the water, it was time to get comfortable. Mike, and his BFF Mark, got into their trunks and took off their shirts while I, of course, being the one that is supposed to be the country boy in the group, could not just wear trunks. I might have a lot of things country about me, like the way I talk, the way I sometimes dress, and even the things I choose to do with my free time, but does not include covering myself up in the hot sunshine. I have never understood why guys get into the sun and wear shorts that go down to their knees or even past them. If I wanted to wear that much material, I would just jump into the water wearing my jeans. That would lead to me being as white as a sheet. I would scare people senseless and it’s not even Halloween. I can’t have that! I am trying my best to get a good color again. Given that, I decided to wear my favorite bikini swimsuit from UnderGear.

“OMG”, you say, with your jaw hitting the floor. “I can’t believe you wore that to go fishing. What the hell were you thinking?”

Well, let’s go back in time about a year. We were floating down the Chattahoochee River on inner tubes. As we floated downstream, we had to pass men trout fishing. Some were out in the middle of the river while others stood on the banks. After floating a while, these two men came into view. I be damned if one guy wasn’t wearing square cut, skin tight swimwear and having the time of his life. I gave him a thumbs up and he

Getting some sun after fishing for a bit

Getting some sun after fishing for a bit

smiled and said it was pretty hot out. I agreed and floated on passed him. I thought that was a testament in the sportswear of guys. If this country guy, and you could tell he was quite country, could get out there and comfortably fish in just these skimpy shorts, what should stop me? Plus, I am 31 years old….not 65. Why not dress in things such as this while I have the chance? When I reach that age, I will just wear them to Gulf Shores, AL and walk along the beach.

We found a place on the lake near some trees and dropped anchor. I got out my rod and reel and used the worms and minnows I had left over from my last trip. The worms looked as though they had seen better days. They were lying together in a big glob, probably trying to stay warm! I had them stored in a small fridge in the garage. I placed one on my hook and chunked it into the water. I felt some tugs and nibbles, but nothing major. I reeled in a few times and only replaced the bait once.

On the last cast, I got pretty far out into the lake. I felt this was going to be a great spot. I was fishing on the bottom, hoping the fish were taking a break from the heat. The lake was a bit choppy and was moving us around a bit. I felt a pull and jerked the rod backward. Yeah, it’s a bitch how tricky the lake can be. There are all types of rocks and trees under the water of Lake Lanier from when the area was flooded and, since then, because of erosion. That was my fish. A big rock on the bottom had snagged my line. When something like that happens, the only thing you can do is cut the line. I was so pissed by this point. One thing I got from my Dad is the ability to get irritated very easily. It’s not something to brag about, but it has been passed down to many a person in my family. I ran the line back through the eyelets and put weights back on the line along with a new hook. I collapsed my rod as small as it would go, reeled in the spare line, and neatly stored everything away till we got back to the dock. Yes, that was my fishing for the day!

After fishing, Mike went around the shore, seeing how many people were out having a good time. Since the waters have risen again, people have been taking every opportunity to get out of the house on pretty days for swimming and playing. People were jumping into the water left and right, sloshing water on people wading around. We found a cove and decided to beach the boat for a few. We jumped off the boat for a few. Since no one was around, we swam au natural! That’s right! We stripped and felt the coolness of the water as it was meant to be felt. I loved swimming in the lake, but would have rather the bottom been more sandy than slimy. It wasn’t like swimming in the Alabama River. Most places I have swam on that river has had sandy bottoms. We had our fun and jumped back on the boat for the return trip to the marina.

While out on the lake, you can see many different types of boats. I saw one boat that I would love to own. Anyone who enjoys being out on a boat would love to have this baby. The ideas of parties that could be had on this thing are endless. There were quite a few people on it and they all looked

House/party boat seen on Lake Lanier

House/party boat seen on Lake Lanier

like they were having a great time, especially the people at the front. It looked like there was a hot tub on that end. A few years back, I was with friends at a cove, officially named the Gay Cove for over the past 20 years. One of the boats had been rented for the weekend with a hot tub. It was awesome! I was invited aboard and had a great time. Who would have thought I would end up in that situation?!

On our way back, unfortunately, the boat decided to have some technical difficulties. One of the boat’s warning sounds began to scream real loudly at the three of us. Mike cut the boat off, thinking that it needed to cool down. He tried to crank it back up, but it made a bad clicking noise, telling us not to try that again. Man, did Mike become pissed? You better believe it! His new nickname to me is Cartman! The “F” word rolled off that tongue more times than it did in Scarface or in the South Park movie. Mark and I just sat there and listened, being the only thing we could do in the situation. Another large boat was in the vicinity and gave us a tow back to the marina. If you think it is embarrassing to have your car towed because of a wreck or because of a breakdown, you should get towed on a boat.

Yes, Mike. I agree with you. That was rather embarrasing, but it did not make the whole day bad. We still had a great time together on the lake. We had not done that in a pretty long time. I had a ton of fun and, since I was stupid enough to not remember the sunscreen, I am dealing with the after effects. It’s all good!


  1. I love that this blog is sort of the complete opposite of my blog. I lived in Atlanta for 5 years and never once made it to Lake Lanier. Now I wish I had. I would have gone in my speedos too, though I prefer a square cut. You look great in yours, and you are right, why not while you still can. It’s only in America that men have these “gay” issues about our bodies. In Europe or in Brazil EVERYONE wears banana hammocks, gay or straight.
    I remember fishing with my dad as a kid. My dad acutally has a bass boat and has even won the bass pro fishing tournament in Hawaii several times (he had the fish stuffed and mounted and they hang on the walls at home). I’m glad my dad took me fishing. Many of my friends here in New York have no idea how fun and relaxing it is.

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