Apologies Running Amuck!


“I’m sorry” is something we hear an awful lot these days.  It’s not only for Canadians anymore!  You hear it when a polite person bumps into you.  You hear it when someone doesn’t hear you well and needs you to repeat yourself.  You will even hear it from children if they’ve messed up.  Well, those who have been raised correctly, that is.

There have been a good amount of people lately who are in the “spotlight” who have said it.  For instance, one or two people have used the Big-T word to refer to a transgendered person while on TV or on radio.  A few days later, Twitter, Facebook, and all other social sites were filled with apologies from these people saying they either didn’t know or they were so sorry they upset their fans.  I’ve also read apologies from politicians that have used offensive words or did something they eventually felt bad about.

Call me closed minded, but those public apologies, to me, carry no meaning at all.  When I open my mouth, the words that come out are from my mind.  They have obviously been in my vocabulary for a long time.  I can honestly say that I have used the T-word on many occasions.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have no transgender people in my circle of friends.  Actually, I don’t personally know any.

The reason I bring this topic up is because I have read at least four apologies in the news or on Twitter this month alone.  I can’t begin to believe that this apology is coming straight from their hearts.  After they are schooled by their PR people, their managers, or their fans, then the apologies start pouring out.  That pouring out of sorrow sounds like they are begging fans and followers to stop paying them attention.  Was this one word that they never say and decided to spit it out where the public could hear them?  I doubt it very seriously.

I would rather hear them say, “The other day on ____, I said ____.  I normally use this word and I have never known it was an offensive word to use to any group of people.  If it has offended you, I apologize.  I can’t promise I will never say it again, but it will not be on a publicly aired telecast when it is said.  Thank you.” 

If the person said this, I would totally believe him or her after that.  Telling me that they are “totally understanding and will never say it again” will turn me off in a heart beat.  How do you expect anyone to believe that?  It’s a tad far fetched, you know?


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