Another night of screwed up dreams

I have had two nights of screwed up dreams. It is not normal for me to dream this much. I’m wondering if my antifungal medication is making me dream. Who knows?
Saturday night, I dreamed that I took a vent out of the wall. Not just a cover, but more of a box like unit. Within it was a rattlesnake and I went to the garage and brought in a snow shovel to kill it. 1) Why was there a snake in the vent and 2) Why did I have a snow shovel in my garage when I live in GA?

Last night, I dreamed that the partner had forgotten something at work and I was going in to get it from his coworker. I entered the building and started feeling weightless. By the time I reached his office, I was pretty much swimming in air to get around. This did not stop when I went back to the car. I was having to lock my feet under cars so that I wouldn’t float away.

What do floating and weightlessness and snakes mean in dreams?

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