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You have reached the backwoods home of Gay Country Wes.  Have a seat and kick off your shoes!  Spend a little time looking around.  My country home is yours, or in other words,  mi casa es su casa!  I’m gonna sit here beside ya and have a nice cold Colt 45®.

Let’s talk a little bit about who I am.  I grew up in Southwest Alabama, but I now live near Atlanta, GA.  Yeah, that’s still in the South!  It’s a deep part of me that isn’t going anywhere.  I love to go fishing, hiking, camping, and do other outdoor things.  I even like to work in the garden every now and then.  I have a love of books and underwear.  Yeah, I know those two don’t generally tie together, but a love is a love.  It’s gone past an interest and is now part of my being.

I graduated from a local technical college with an associates degree in Accounting and in Residential Architectural Design.  They are both interests of mine.  Oh, and yeah, I’m gay.  OMG, yes!  That’s right! I’m a big ol’ Mo.  You fisherman with your big rods…yes you…I’ve got a big rod (and reel) and I love fishing for catfish!  I haven’t made it into the woods to hunt yet, but that isn’t totally out of the question.  So hunters, ya’ll are safe…for the time being.

The purpose of my blog and the accompanying podcasts has somewhat changed since its inception back in 2009.  I still want it to be a shining light to those who are gay and who associate themselves with being country.  It’s not an easy thing to do as every day, there are people who scream and shout how being country means being the baddest, biggest man and doing only things they consider manly.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Hell, podcasting and blogging wouldn’t fall into that characterization.

One is as country as one feels and believes.  Being country is a belief, backed up by a feeling and a yearning for simpler things than people find in cities and surrounding areas.  I find myself yearning for that each and every day of my life.  It’s funny how when I was a teenager, that was the last thing I wanted because I thought it was terribly boring.  Now, as an adult, I see the peace and tranquility as something of which I don’t get enough.  It’s out there and I want it.

You hear so little about being gay and country.  It’s really sad and I want this to be an example and a place where those men can see there are others like them.  Another thing I’ve noticed is that many (not all) think that being gay means there can’t be any interest in sports, and that isn’t always on a field.  I want to get into contact with other gay men and lesbians who like to live in nature.

Now, don’t think I am some rough and tumble guy.  I have my soft spots and I have my likes that aren’t considered manly on any scale.  Those would have to include my uncanny ability to tell you how the family trees on Days of our Lives have evolved over the years.  Yes, I can do that.  Other interests would obviously be writing, reading, listening to a wide range of music, and dabbling in HTML, XHTML, and a little CSS.  And yes, I do look at other men while I am doing all of the mentioned interests!

To contact me about my site, you can do one of the following:
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2) Leave a review at the iTunes store by looking up The Gay Life of a Country Boy.
3) Email the blog/podcast at thegaycountryboy@gmail.com
4) Call the show voice mail line at (678) 765-9776 and leave a message.

I would love to hear from you all.  Share your tales of country living and tell me what you would like to hear or see posted.




  1. Hey bud,
    I know it’s been awhile since you made a post but we seem to have a lot in common. As far as bein a country guy from the south I’m in Charleston and enjoy all the same outdoors. I also used to build computers – have gotten out of it in the past few years but still have the interest. Hit me up if you want to chat sometime.


  2. Very neat. Like this ! I’m Dave in Tallahassee, Fla. I’m very into the outdoors-the computer stuff not really my bag. Only occasionally. I’m a survivalist. originally from the mts.

  3. Country boy here that loves reading your blog and meeting another country guy to hang out with since my bf isn’t really into 4 wheelers, mudding, etc.

  4. Decent site. Although admittedly I’ve never listened to a podcast yet. I’m going to now.
    I was raised up country. But other gay country guys are non existent where I live. Or they’re in hiding.

  5. I just arrived at your website dude, and it was warming and welcoming. some good words you wrote. looking forward to reading and hearing more of what you have to say. god bless for your strength and ambition to show other gay (me) country boys looking for a good read, and knowing that it isn’t only themselves. my hat goes off to you good sir. In the words of Granger Smith, Yee Yee!

  6. Great site Wes!!! Nice to see there are other “country” guys out there who are gay and who yearn for the simpler things in life whether it be a lost afternoon at a not so well known swimming hole or just sitting in a comfy chair on the front porch of a small log cabin perched on a high ridge with a million dollar view that you can always get lost in. I long for such a life…..with a guy who compliments me with those similar simple country life wants, dreams and desires. I was really beginning to think I was all alone in the universe, lol.

  7. Great site I live in rural upstate new York on the Vermont border I like hiking canoeing and its to know that there other gay men how like living in the country ! Phil here.

  8. I am thankful I stumbled upon this blog! I thank you for writin’ it. I am from a small, small, small town in Southern Missouri right at the border of Arkansas; I now in St. Louis, Missouri for school. I find myself wanting everyday to go back to that land where I can breathe, hunt, fish, and be merry. It is reassurin’ that there are others out there who have a lust for nature and livin’ the simple life.

  9. Speaking of hunting, there was this guy who shot at this bear. So he goes to see if he hit it and he’s looking around when the bear jumps him from behind throws away his rifle and has his way with him. So the next year the guy finds the same bear and shoots at him again. But again he missed and gets raveged by the bear. Then the following year the guys looking for the bear when the bear jumps out and grabs him and says “you don’t come here to hunt, do ya?”

  10. I am glad that I can upon your site. I just turned 70 but am like a 45 year old. I have lived all over the world and love to travel, however, for the last few years I have been searching for my roots which are from nw georgia and southeast tennessee…….I need to get back to nature. Living in big cities just doesn’t do it for me….love, nature, camping, longing to be with my homeboys…….I would really like to meet guys from nw georgia/se tennessee area or at least I would like to know where to go to meet these guys ouside of the big city and bright lights.

  11. Hello gentleman-

    I’m glad to have stumbled upon this gem, as I find myself a minority in South AL. I was born and raised in rural Bama, so huntin’, fishin’, and good lovin’ runs deep in my veins. However, as fun as straight buddies can be, at 32, I find myself lookin’ for a lil’ more than what’s in the closet, ya’ know? I have relatively little in common with the gay men in the area, so it’s nice to know I’m not alone, at least. Still, I love the peace and quiet, no matter the sacrifice. Hell, one of you good ol’ boys might just end up in my neck of the woods one day. 😉


  12. Hey Wes! Love your site. I grew up and live in a very small town in nw Bama. Thought i was the only country gay guy out there. if there are any around here other than me then they definitely are not coming out of the closet. Makes me feel good that they’re are more out there like myself. just wish they were closer.

  13. great blog i was born and raised in a small town in northern cali and dont really associate with other gays around here just cause they are flamboyant and feminine and not my type…im glad to see ther are other gay “country” boys that enjoy the outdoors and sports out there

  14. Hey I love your podcast. I listen to it while I run sometimes. There are a lot more gay country folk than a lot of people think. Not sure if your familiar with IGRA but lots of gay country folk there. Anyway love the cast, keep it up!
    Kamiah, ID

  15. Wes, you are, without a doubt, genuine gentleman who has the heart of poet and hears the call of the country. I do enjoy your log immensely! You are also a very handsome guy! I long to be in the country and to wake up to deer and woodpeckers (peckers LOL) near my door. I not only appreciate nature; I respect it.

    thanks again!

    country boy at heart

  16. Hi Wes, love your site and your podcast, so very very true.

    We would love to become a friend of your site and be listed under the underwear section, is there any chance of including us.

    Keep up the good work

    from all at Jockstrap

  17. Hello Wes and everyone! well, i’m not a “country boy”, i was raised in a city, but i loooove outdoors and I have practice plenty of them, so let’s abolish stereotypes! I really like hiking, rapeling and my favourite is triathlon including the extreme ones! Yes we are gay but that doesn’t mean weak, nelly or afraid… We like to get dirty too!

  18. hey Westerly! I sure do miss you bunches and seeing you in those underwear personally. It is a treat boys…..

  19. Lot’s of us like to hunt and fish and hike and be outdoors. We’re just ready to smash the stereotypes.

  20. Great website. As someone who grew up on a dairy farm and who is also gay. I really get where you are coming from. Do you dip too? As a gay guy who also dips (skoal, long cut) I really get some questions from the city guys!! What can I say…. It’s a country thing!

  21. Wow.. and here i thought i was the only country gay guy.. guess i was wrong.. i was born in Virginia in a very small town and when i was 21 i moved to california for college and once i got here in cali. i was like dang its ok to be gay and thought i would never be able to return to virginia because of the way my family and most of the ppl in my town are, but i see things are changing.. I’m very glad to have visited your site.. very interestin things..

  22. HI! North East Alabama country boy here! Live on a small farm and have a few horses. Love the outdoors, sports, fishing etc.~ The farm life is what i like, enjoy the city for a sweet visit!

  23. You have a new fan!! I come to ATL several times a year maybe we can visit Gladys Knight & Ron Winan’s Chicken And Waffles. There are several other eateries in ATL that I love. I can’t think of the name of the one which serves shrimp & grits. Stay Well!


  24. I just found your site, and I love it. I am also a single gay male living on a small farm in WV.

  25. Hello Wes
    I just had to say hello! I like the fact I see there is another Country/Cowboy that is Gay! I am a Rancher in East Texas and everyone (Gays) think I am crazy to live out in the middle of no where! I have Cattle and horses and live out on the ranch by myself. Because there are not any gay guys that really enjoy the Ranching lifestyle. Sure they like to dress up as a cowboy, but when it comes to step in a a pile, they scream! LOL Like to get to know you!

  26. Just stumbled across your site and gotta say I love it! I grew up on a small farm and there are times even a town as small as Little Rock makes me wanna take off screaming and move back to the boondocks.

    Could agree more about gay men not fitting into that famous “box” people like to assign with labels…I am a big sports fan, especially college football, basketball and SEC baseball(GO HOGS!)…and, the Winter Olympics are HERE! Like curling(and been ribbed about it)and Luge and any number of things to help pass the cold night in front of the TV.

    Thanks for the site and the opportunity to respond,


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