A Walk Along the Suwanee Creek Greenway

Recently, we took a much needed nature walk along the peaceful Suwanee Creek Trail. The trail runs parallel to Hwy 23 in Gwinnett County, GA and is a busy trail to both pedestrians and bike riders. The length is four miles and it is asphalt, concrete, and boardwalk. The trail goes through a flood area of the Suwanee Creek and all through the year, you can see wildlife on your journey. Deer and geese are abundant at different times of the year. While we were walking the trail, we saw two small fawns walking in the trees and we knew that Mama wasn’t far away. On the north end of the trail, for the time being, you have George Pierce Park and on the southern end, you have Suwanee Creek Park. They are both great places for relaxation and for sports. GPP is where you will find the playing fields for soccer, lacross, football, baseball, and softball. SCP is not so heavy on the sports fields, but you will find lots of gathering areas and an 18 hole disk golf court. We have the disks…we just haven’t found the time to play it.

There will be more outdoor travels and experiences to come.



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