A Trip To Tallulah Gorge State Park

During the weekend of June 21-23, I went on a camping trip to Tallulah Gorge State Park, located in Tallulah Falls, GA.  The park itself did not seem that large, but the views inside were worth the drive north.  The picture to the left was taken from one of the overlooks located on the stairway down the gorge wall to the suspension bridge. Going down for many was as strenuous as going back up. There are over 300 steps from the rim to the bottom. By the time you reach the bottom, your legs are definitely feeling the burn. It’s a great feeling when you need exercise.

Most of Friday was spent traveling, that is when I finally rolled my ass out of bed and took a shower. It didn’t take long to get my backpack loaded and ready to go. I took my hammock, sleeping bag and pad, camp stove, first aid supplies, and some extra clothes. I took a little food, but I was planning on stopping by a store on the way to the campground to get more food. I went to the house of another guy on the camping trip so that we could carpool. I have to say that was an interesting drive. I used our Tom-Tom device to get to my destination, and along the way, it must had decided to play tricks on me. At one point, right before I arrived, it had me doing circles. I was so confused in the backwoods of eastern South Carolina. The Tom-Tom kept trying to take me in places I knew wouldn’t be right. Something just told me to keep going forward. It eventually got a clue and took me to the front door. I couldn’t wait to get there and get out of the car.

The trip after the car ride up there was much better. Friday evening was pretty much spent getting the base camp set up and resting. Saturday started early since we had to go up to the main park center and get permits to hike to Sliding Rock where people slide down the very smooth, slick rocks into the river. To get down the gorge, you have to walk down 300+ steps and go across a suspension bridge (pictured right). I love bridges, but with some large asses walking across with me, I was very uneasy. A couple hundred feet in the air above some huge rocks and a rapidly flowing river with falls is not somewhere I want to be with a 300 lb. man or woman bouncing across a bridge held up by cables. I got across rather quickly and continued on my way with the rest of the group.

The rocks were pretty cool getting over on the way to the slide. I didn’t take part in the slide as I, sadly, cannot swim well enough to get in that deep of water. We stayed there for a while before leaving the gorge. We went a different way as to not have to traverse slippery rocks. We went up the other side of the gorge with about a 70° angle. Tired, we made it to the top and back to our campsites.

Saturday night was the full moon. We went back down the stairs to the bridge to see it. I’m just going to say this…I’ve seen it bigger. It wasn’t the “super moon” it was made out to be. I have seen a larger moon while entering my neighborhood. We went back to the campsite and eventually retired to our tents for a night’s sleep. Mine was not that great as I woke myself up snoring once or twice. I felt like crap on Sunday when I had to drive back home.

It was a great weekend and I can’t wait to have another outside communing with all nature has to offer.

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