A thought in progress

Lately, I’ve been battling something in my head. You all may not know it, but I do have a love affair with underwear. Yes, I’m guilt of having a fetish. It reaches far back into my childhood and has never decreased in strength. You may be asking what started my fetish, and you rightly should. It’s a story I would love to tell.

My thoughts would affect my blog. It might would affect other things that I would want to post later. I don’t know. But here is my thought.

How would you all react to me posting more pictures of underwear and writing about them? I do it already sometimes for http://www.underwearnewsbriefs.com. I wouldn’t make my blog totally about underwear. There are enough people with blogs dealing with them. I’m thinking like maybe once or twice a week. At the present time, I seem to be digging up things to post about. Hell, I try to have time to post at all. I have to get a podcast recorded soon or people will forget I exist.

So this would be a question I need feedback from. Let me know how you feel about this issue. I don’t want to write what people don’t want to read about, even if it is my personal blog. It’s not so personal when the whole world can read it.


  1. Um, the blog is here for you and we get to “tune” in to see what you shared…so it really is up to you on what you want to blog about…so if YOU wanna blog about undies – blog about undies!

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