A New Post from a New Computer

I am quite happy that today, I received a new little baby. I am the proud owner of a nice little HP mini desktop computer. I know it’s not some raging fast, large capacity monstrosity, but that is fine. It will do everything I need for it to do. I need to move the program for my voice recorder over from my old laptop for when I feel like recording something new. I will most likely download Chrome as I detest Internet Explorer. I have my full office suite installed and ready to go. I hope I will be at this computer often and posting more exciting things happening in my life.

One important thing is that I’ve managed to lose 10-12 lbs in the last month and couldn’t be happier. I had become large and it was all my fault. I was letting things get to me, bring me down, and make me eat stupid things without thinking about the effects on my body. I’ve seen great things happening to my body already and I hope the changes do not stop.

Until I get more to write about, have a great week!

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