A Gift Of Comfort From England


The other day when I arrived home, I had a package waiting for me.  My underwear confidant in England sent me a special gift and I couldn’t wait to rip open the envelop to see what was inside.  He was wonderful enough to send two pairs of really cool underwear along with a nice swimsuit.  The underwear is from Primark Essentials and the swimsuit is a Gary Majdell Lifeguard Bikini.  I am really loving them all!

The underwear shown is, of course, a pair of the Primark Essential briefs in black and purple.  I wore these briefs all day on Sunday and have to say they were comfortable.  If there is anything I could find that I would change is the pouch.  I would make it more defined and roomy, but other than that, it fit perfectly.  “How did you deal with the non-roomy pouch?”, you may ask.  Well, that was taken care of the only way I knew how…I pointed my junk up and over to one side instead of wearing it pointing downward as I normally do.  I consider that a small price to pay for comfort in briefs sent to me from across the pond by a good underwear friend.  I’ll see if he’ll let me share a picture of him in his briefs.  The one word that comes to mind is…YEAH!


The back coverage felt great.  I am not all about minimal back coverage as some guys enjoy.  I like to feel the material against my skin.  If I ever wear underwear with a minimal back, it is my jock.  That is pretty much the only minimal coverage I am comfortable in.  Yeah, I own a thong or two, but they rarely find their way onto me.  At the size I am at now, they are hidden as far in the back of my underwear drawer as possible.  No joke!  The Thong Song is not on my playlist.  That is not to say that I don’t like them on other men with the body to show them off.  I have seen men wear them that made my eyes twirl in my head.

With a comfortable waistband and leg openings, the Primark Essential briefs are quite a hit.  I am forever grateful to my friend Matt for sending these to me.  As for the swimsuit, I will have to model that sometime later.  Let me go a few days while not eating much but rice cakes and we’ll revisit the idea.  It’s not completely out of the question.

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