What In The Hell, People?

In the middle of the night on Tuesday, I decide to open the WKRG TV-5 news app on my iPhone and get a brief update of what’s going on in that lovely city of Mobile, Alabama.  I usually hear about some ghetto shooting or someone seeing a leprechaun in a tree (true story…look it up …

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Happiness From Many…Ignorance From Others

In an article that appeared online this past Saturday, and is slated to be in print today (Sunday), former owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates Kevin McClatchy announced to the public that he is gay.  Reports from various media outlets state that he had come out to his family after he purchased the Pirates in 1996, …

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The 2012 Paralympic Games

Today, September 9, 2012, marked the end of the XXX  Summer Olympic Games in London.  I have a feeling like something has ended too soon.  As I have said before, there are people that can’t wait for the Olympics to end so they can carry on with their lives.  Nothing has stopped them.  Let them …

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Keeping Up With Auburn This Year

It’s that time of year again when we dig out the hats, jackets, beer cozies, coolers, and whatever else we can find to proudly display the team that gets our allegiance.  Mine, of course, is Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.  The Tigers have been my favorite team all my life.  I remember being given a …

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GCB0084 – Rambling Car Ride To Work

Episode 84 is a solo podcast I did while on my way to work one day last week. I thought I was going to get my brother to do one with me while I was back home, but that didn’t happen. So, while I had the recorder in the car, I figured I would get a solocast completed for extra content. I know some of you like when I do solo shows and I have delivered.