GCB0081 – Interview with Drake Jensen

Episode 81 is a very special episode where I interview Drake Jensen, the LGBT’s out and proud male country singer. I was so excited to talk to Drake and he made me feel more and more comfortable as the interview went on. We talk about his album “On My Way To Finding You” and we get to listen to “I Found Me” from that album. This is a wonderful album, and if you don’t particularly like country music, just remember that he is one of our own and we should all support him. We talk about his plans for a tour in the US next year. We also talk about some of his interests while not in the studio or on stage.

GCB0080 – Real Women Have Their Babies!

Episode 80 is a special show for us here at The Gay Life of a Country Boy. Joining George and I is Romo, my sister, and our neighbor. This is the inaugural FEMALE episode as these two ladies were the first to appear. We were so happy to have them all with us. There are some sound issues in the beginning, but it got better shortly after the show started. We talk about everything from growing up to what we did while my sister and her family were visiting. We had such a great time doing the show as you can hear. I can’t wait till we have a chance to do this again!

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