Camping At Three Forks, Part 3

I was happy to see my friends had made it safe and sound to the campsite.  I have to say, I was getting lonely in the woods all by myself.  I took my voice recorder to record a show (coming later) and I talked for a short while…only to learn that my batteries weren’t as …

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Camping At Three Forks, Part Two

I arrived at Three Forks pretty early in the evening.  The traffic along 400 wasn’t as bad as I had expected.  If I’d have waited just minutes longer to leave work, I would have probably sat in bumper to bumper traffic for hours.  When I arrived, I knew I was going to have to sit …

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Camping At Three Forks, Part One

A few weekends ago, I went camping with my good friends Joe and Clark. I had not been camping since the hike with Joe along the Appalachian Trail (AT) in 2010. It was wonderful being able to get back into the mountains of North Georgia and breathe that clean air. Our chosen campsite was at …

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GCB0074 – Out In The Fronchard!

Episode 74 finds us really talkative. George with his tambourine makes us all want to turn into dancing queens! For some reason, this was the first episode where it was notice my use of the southern word combination of FRONCHARD….which is the part or your property outside the front door…or front yard. Just go with it!

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GCB0073 – April Fools Show – Catch-up

Episode 73 is a catch-up episode as it was recorded on April 1st and I am just now getting around to putting it up. We talk about some history, some death, and the things some people did to us for April Fools.

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