From The Pope Comes Words of Wisdom

Pope ushers in Christmas, decries commercialization | Reuters Christmas is, and always has been, my favorite holiday. I love the bright colors, the joyous singing, the warm greetings, and the feeling of warmth that this season holds. No other season has this power over me. You may not celebrate Christmas, and it is your right …

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GCB0063 – Merry Christmas Spectacular 2011

We wanted to say Merry Christmas to all our listeners and fellow podcasters with this Merry Christmas Spectacular for 2011. There is nothing like Christmas music to awaken the soul and make you feel fuzzy inside. It lifts the spirits and tells you that this is the season of cheer. So, from George In Atlanta and your Gay Country Wes, we wish you the best of everything and be safe in whatever you do.

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The New Addition to the Family

It’s our buddies out in the back yard. Today, we added a new family member.  She is a beagle and her name is Dagney.  It’s kind of a weird name, but I thought that it would be a good one.  It is nothing we would have come up with, but when we saw her vet …

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Clearing the Mind…or Chasing Rabbits

After rereading what I wrote, I know I started off talking about something and ended up on something totally different. Bear with me! Some people don’t know this about me, but years ago, I wanted to try out modeling.  I honestly thought I had something.  No, I’m not talking exclusively about nudity as you may …

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