Night At The Movies: Get Out

A few nights ago, I was watching videos on Facebook when one popped up featuring Jordan Peele, the creator of the movie Get Out. He was talking about the movie’s success and that it was approaching its one year anniversary. To celebrate this occasion, he was offering free movie screenings at select theaters. I asked a friend if he would be interested and he said “Yes, of course!” The research was done and the AMC Phipps in Atlanta was having a screening tonight. We gathered a group of six people and headed to the movie.

Imagine you’re sitting there watching a movie and then all of a sudden….BAM! You are taken aback so much by the twist that you lose your concentration on what’s been going on. I’ve watched a few of those and you don’t have to be dimwitted for that to happen. I don’t think this movie is like that. There are twists but they come along just in time to make sense in the story. I think it’s perfection.

Daniel Kaluuya plays the role of Chris Washington who is dating Rose Armitage (Allison Williams) and they go to meet her family at a large home in a secluded area. You soon realize that these white people in the woods aren’t really the nicest, sane people in existence. Catherine Keener (40 Year Old Virgin) and Bradley Whitford (The West Wing, The Cabin in the Woods) play Rose’s parents, Missy and Dean, and you think they are simply suburban parents until you start noticing something a bit on the creepy side. Where they appear normal, at first, her brother Jeremy is seen to be a loon right off the bat. There’s no second guessing that there’s something wrong upstairs. Their family, along with the black man and woman who live in the house and act as servants, continue making you scratch your head through the movie.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you really should find a theater that may still be playing it. You will not regret seeing it. There weren’t many people in the theater with us, but those who were in there became engrossed in the action. At the beginning of the movie, Jordan Peele tells everyone to interact with the movie. Everyone in the theater was definitely interacting with the movie. “Kill that bitch!” “Beat his ass!” It was so funny being in there and talking openly toward the screen and everyone joining in the fun. That’s the first, and maybe the last, opportunity I will have where everyone is there to enjoy the movie together.

GCB0134 – Trans Weekend Wrap Up

It’s episode 134 and Trans Weekend 2017 has come and gone. It was a great weekend of conversations, meeting new people, having drinks with friends, and relaxation. I talk about the weekend and whatever else came out my mouth. I can’t remember what all I talked about!

GCB0131 – SEBB Wrap Up

Mummification at the Eagle

Mummification at the Atlanta Eagle

This past weekend was Southeastern Black and Blue. I’m talking about the classes and demonstrations that I watched and participated. It’s been a great weekend and I can’t wait till the next leather/kink event. In the image above, I am in the black/red combination.

GCB0130 – Happy Birthday Fatty and SEBB

HELLO! It’s been a while but here’s a podcast episode!! It can happen! I wanted to say Happy Birthday to the one and only Big Fatty whose birthday is this week. You can check him out at Big Fatty Online. It’s also SEBB weekend here in Atlanta and time to explore some kink and fetishes. I can’t wait! I hope to do a show afterward with some reviews of the weekend.

Atlanta and the Collapsed Interstate

MARTA train car

Blue MARTA Car

The last week of March and the first week or two of April proved to Atlanta that it was not immune to disasters. On March 30th, sections of the I-85 bridge north of the city collapsed because of intense fire underneath it. Three sections of the northbound side had to be removed along with two sections of the southbound side. This section of the interstate was not accessible until this past weekend, May 13-14.

For the most part, the collapse caused interruption to traffic. There were businesses that claimed some loss of revenue. These businesses are located in the general area of the collapse and can be a pain to reach with all the rerouted traffic. It’s understandable.

In my world, things have changed but not so much that I couldn’t operate from day to day. I still work in Alpharetta, GA but now live near Turner Field in downtown Atlanta….the two, of course, being 30 miles apart and on either side of the collapse.

I was at work when it happened. My coworker sends me a message saying, “There’s a fire at Piedmont and 85.” It being Atlanta, I shrugged and carried on with what I was doing. The next message she sent said, “I-85 has collapsed. You need to find another way home!”

The only thing I could think to do was to check out where I saw black smoke filling the area around Piedmont and I-85 along with fire trucks on all sides trying to stop the fire from spreading. One would have thought Sherman had risen and set Atlanta afire again. I called to make sure someone was OK because he lives beside the affected area. After that, I came up with my plan to make it home in all the havoc taking place. It’s bad enough in this city when a raindrop falls or people see a snowflake much less when they have to take a different route than they’re accustomed.

I left Alpharetta and headed east toward the area I lived in prior to moving. Traffic didn’t seem affected at all. I stopped for a bite and quickly decided to take my food elsewhere as the place was having a child’s birthday party. Screaming kids at the moment was not needed or wanted. The adults looked clueless as to what was happening in their state capital or in the nearest city. To be honest, those people probably weren’t worried in the slightest what was going on in Atlanta. It could burn again and they wouldn’t care as long as their supposed perfect  suburban lives weren’t interrupted.

I decided work my way over to Lawrenceville Hwy to go south into the city. I figured people wouldn’t think too much about it since schools were out the following week for Spring Break and it was around 8pm. I had no problems getting back to the city.

If you’ve never been to Atlanta, you have to understand that it is a large city. It’s the largest city in the southeast… land and population taken into account. The metropolitan area is home to over five million people and hosts the busiest international airport in the world. It is also spread out. Cars are a necessity here. It’s not a friendly bike city, but thankfully, things are changing as people are coming to the understanding that too many cars can cause issues. Our public transportation isn’t modern to compliment the growth of the city. I have to state that I’m very happy that MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Region Transit Authority) was able to adjust to serve the number of people affected by the collapse.

The interstate is back to normal and people have decided to either go back to their horrific commutes or to continue to use MARTA. I, for one, have chosen to continue riding MARTA as it picks me up down the street from home and puts me out at my office building. Since the collapse, by using public transportation, I’ve prevented putting over 1,000 miles on my car and I’ve saved nearly $300 by not having to buy gas. After seeing such change to my bank account and saving wear to my car, how could I consciously decide to start driving so much again?

While I’m able to get up each morning and make my way to a bus stop or a train station, I’ll continue to enjoy the benefits of public transportation and let everyone who chooses to drive, alone or in carpools, sit in traffic while I shoot by overhead on the train.

GCB0128 – A Labor Day In Savannah

Episode 128 finds me in Savannah, GA with the boyfriend and his parents. We had a lovely weekend with lots of drinks and food and a few nights out on the town. Savannah is such a wonderful city to visit. It has to be one of my favorite places to go when I want to get away.